What Rocks Your World – in print!

What Rocks Your World cover

Finally the day has come. The careers book I’ve edited and proofread has been published in print. There have been a lot of hours put into this project by both the author and myself. The challenge now will be to advertise and market it to the best of my ability. This is going to take press releases and a whole load of social marketing. Without the £7m Christmas advertising budget of John Lewis, we are going to have to get imaginative (or else pull off a major publicity stunt).

The main thing will be to get young people to hear about What Rocks Your World. Because it’s a book which is designed to help them to get their dream jobs and identify their existing skills and talents. It’s these skills which employers are looking for and which young people don’t always know that they have. In fact that is true for all people, not just the young. It’s the collateral which employers know (or should know) has value. The only way that young people can be manipulated into despondency is by persuading them that they don’t have this value. So what the book does is to inspire people and remind them that they have worth.

It has been a labour of passion for the author, who has put in a lot of effort and used her own talents and knowledge to help others. And that is what the book is all about – helping those who are struggling to know what they want to do in life – to capture and channel their imaginations.

If you, or anyone you know, needs some excellent careers direction then please take a look at this resource. It is available now as an ebook and in print from Amazon here.

Also, please take a look at the website www.whatrocksyourworld.com.

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