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Destiny and Dynasty

destiny and dynasty


My first novel: Published as ebook December 15th 2014 and published as paperback January 23rd 2015.


‘I have a message for you from God…’

That’s what they told Mike Sumner.

And who wouldn’t want to know their destiny? Who wouldn’t want to discover the secrets of love?

To Mike Sumner, Naomi Ravenscroft is love personified. Beautiful. Enigmatic. As cold as a snowflake.

To win her love Mike must perform three strange and wild tasks.

Can a haunting curse from the lips of a fortune-teller really be stronger than true love?

And who – or what – is watching everything?

Destiny and Dynasty is a story about love, forgiveness, corruption and dreams. It is also the story of a young man who finds true beauty in the face of a bitter reality.


Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,

Bless the bed that I lie on.

Four corners to my bed,

Four angels round my head;

One to watch and one to pray

And two to bear my soul away.


Available on Amazon here.

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Compliance is Futile

Compliance is Futile cover
ebook: £1.99p

Paperback: £4.50p (including P&P)

Published: July 2011

Compliance is Futile is a selection of inspirational poetry rich in metaphor and simile. It is about life, faith and love. The poetry is designed to encourage, comfort and entertain the reader. There are uplifting poems, magical poems, love poems, narrative poems and poignant poems. The poetry is written for everyone. The writing draws from personal experience, including illness, loss and love.


The cover image is of Joan of Arc ‘listening to her voices’.

The ebook is available to read in most formats.

To see it for ebook readers please visit the following Amazon link:

Compliance is Futile – Amazon

It is also available as a paperback on Amazon.
Below is a link to an article from an interview I gave The Sentinel newspaper about the book:


The Hollow Statue & Stranded in Eternity

Otherwhere and Elsewhen

The sci-fi anthology eBook Otherwhere and Elsewhen contains two of my short stories. It is available from Amazon through the following link:

Otherwhere and Elsewhen – Amazon


£3.85p eBook


The Hollow Statue

The first of the stories is called The Hollow Statue. It is set in a dark future where the Government keeps people firmly under control. It is a Government who can read minds – free thought is illegal and swiftly punished. The protagonist of the story is a teacher who asks one too many questions…


Stranded in Eternity

The other short story is called Stranded in Eternity. A man crashes his car on the way home from church and wakes up in heaven. He has to adjust to his new surroundings and encounters a number of surprises. It is my attempt at imagining what heaven could look like.

There are 11 other short stories in this anthology which is published by Bridge House.


The Princess Who Wanted Snow

Paperback: £6

Published: December 2009


My first short story was published in the book ‘An Advent Calendar of Stories’ by Bridge House Publishing).

The story is called ‘The Princess Who Wanted Snow’ and it’s about a feisty princess who has been trapped in a castle by a selfish prince. It’s a magical story from the point of view of one of the castle cats (named ‘Aly’).

The princess tells the prince that the only way she will marry him is if he makes it snow. The problem is that it never snows.

It was inspired by a tiny cat I saw when I visited an old castle whilst on holiday in Portugal and the first draft was written on that holiday.

There’s a story in this book for every day of Christmas advent – stories about angels, animals and dragons.

If you’re looking for a present to give to a child (aged 6+) then this collection of stories would be perfect.


You can order the book and find out more at: