2012 – The Hollow Statue & Stranded in Eternity

Alien Planet


The sci-fi anthology eBook Otherwhere and Elsewhen contains two of my short stories. It is available from Amazon through the following link:

Otherwhere and Elsewhen – Amazon

Or directly from Bridge House Publishing.

£3.85p eBook

The Hollow Statue

The first of the stories is called The Hollow Statue. It is set in a dark future where the Government keeps people firmly under control. It is a Government who can read minds – free thought is illegal and swiftly punished. The protagonist of the story is a teacher who asks one too many questions…

Stranded in Eternity

The other short story is called Stranded in Eternity. A man crashes his car on the way home from church and wakes up in heaven. He has to adjust to his new surroundings and encounters a number of surprises. It is my attempt at imagining what heaven could look like.

There are 11 other short stories in this anthology which is published by Bridge House.