Afterlife Vote (AV) Party political broadcast from the ‘yes’ campaign

Under the new voting system a ‘Yes to AV’ (Afterlife Vote) will mean that we will all get a say in our afterlife.

Obviously the old FPTP (First Pray, Then Paradise) system has a number of flaws.

For a start it is simply unfair. Even if a person votes for ‘Heaven’ they may not get what they want. If they do not vote hard enough or they are unable to vote (or they are simply unhappy with the choices available) then often they will not get their first choice. Voter apathy is also a factor – with so many people dis-engaged from the process, how can we hope to get the kind of afterlife we would all like?

A ‘Yes to AV’ vote will make for a much fairer system.

To illustrate the new AV system please consider the following example. You could choose –
as your first choice and
as your second choice,
your third choice could then be ‘Heaven’.

It will no longer simply be a vote for ‘Heaven’ and a default state being experienced if no vote is made.

Under the current system, the choice has usually been either ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hades’, with many people unsure of what they are voting for (or if they even have a choice). This is clearly unfair.
Then, of course, there have been the vote rigging scandals (the less said about them the better). The system has been open to corruption.

The much fairer AV system will allow an individual to put a cross next to either ‘Oblivion’, or even a more obscure choice (such as ‘Purgatory’).

Many people fear that under the new system ‘Hell’ will get in as a default position. But this is not so, under the new Afterlife Vote.

Let us be very clear – The new system will allow you to make a series of positive choices. And let’s face it, ‘Hell’ has been in power far too often in the past. To avoid this in the future the ‘Hell’ ‘choice’ will be dropped. It was always unfair.

Although this sounds complicated, it really isn’t and is much fairer than the old system. There will be far fewer scandals too. And furthermore the end of the world will also take place through a smooth transition of power (there will be a referendum on the details of the tribulation).

During times of recession you may wonder what the cost of this new system will be.

That is the genius of the new Afterlife Vote system. It will be paid for simply by cutting red-tape and transferring money destined for Defence. The irony being that the money destined for Defence will then be used to defend each individual’s destiny.

Vote ‘Yes’ to AV.

You know you want to.


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