‘I have written you an opera’…


It’s pretty inevitable that (barring any major life event) I’m going to be writing about my first novel over the next few months.

At times I feel like the phantom – from the Phantom of the Opera, gatecrashing a masquerade and announcing: ‘I have written you an opera’. The imaginary hushed silence is, hopefully, simply a dark fear that I hold in my worst moments (of which I have a few).

I’ve just put together the Amazon page so that anyone who wants to can pre-order the ebook. And it will be an ebook first. There is such a huge debate about artificially enhanced ebook prices and the way in which Amazon deal with authors that I decided to set the ebook price fairly low. The whole publishing industry seems to be in flux and I worry that it is the reader who will always lose out. So at least, as an indie author, I have the right to set the ebook price.

Why should you read this book?

My answer is that it will be an escape and I would like you to enjoy it. It won’t make you a better (or worse) person. It won’t give you coping strategies or make you more confident at public speaking. It won’t enhance you in any way apart from being an escape from the tyranny of always feeling that you need to enhance yourself.

It was written to be enjoyed and any message which the book carries is subconscious on my part. I’ve not set out to promote any particular agenda (or to preach). I set out to write a story. Perhaps there are hidden messages, perhaps in books there always are.

What is it about?

I’ve made no secret to the fact that this story is set against the backdrop of a megachurch. There is a reason that I’ve selected a Christian as my hero. It is because there are so few Christian heroes in story. And there is also a reason that I’ve selected a Christian as my villain.

It is because I can get away with it.

Although, to be fair, many modern authors get away with creating Christian villains whether they are believers or not.

So, I mean, I have an excuse. And in this case the Christian villains are almost caricatures. That is deliberate.

But I’m pre-empting criticism…

It’s a story – and it is supposed to be enjoyed. Not everyone will like it, but I hope some people will at least read it. If people don’t read it, it is just one of those things. As Neil Gaiman says, whatever happens, ‘make good art’.

Whether it is good art or not I will leave for you to decide. But I’m deliberately calling it art because it does have depth.

So – ‘I have written you an opera’ and here’s the link…

Destiny and Dynasty – Amazon page

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