Christopher Lee Power’s story

Some people are born with all the lucky breaks. For example, take the children of famous actors who want to become actors themselves. But what if you want to become an actor and all you have is raw talent? What if, on top of that you are born into a poor family and have a speech impediment?

Actor Christopher Lee Power knows adversity. Life hasn’t been easy and he has had to work hard. He has a past which includes being the victim of sexual abuse, an involvement with drugs, gang life and crime. In the late 70’s and early 80’s he made what he says were some foolish choices. Imprisoned for robbery he paid for his mistakes by serving a prison term.

“I was oblivious to the dangers of drugs, excessive drinking and gambling and the consequences of that lifestyle. It was a vicious circle for any young teenager. Stealing to feed the addictions became the path that I took. I was frustrated and angry, looking for a way out, looking for attention and acceptance. Turning to teenage gangs and stealing was not the answer but that’s the choice I made and I paid the price.”

And it was in prison that his life began to change. With nowhere to turn he prayed to God and asked God to help him. Something changed for Christopher from that time because when he left prison he not only joined a church, but also went into education again and learnt about life, about society, art and drama. He spent years in training to become an actor in professional acting schools including RADA. Since then he has appeared in Coronation Street, played war poet Wilfred Owen, done Shakespeare and has even had a book of his life published called ‘Breaking Free’.

Now he wants to help those who are caught up in crime and drugs.

“I want to inspire other young people that they too could break free from the lifestyle I am familiar with. And to say that anyone, no matter what background they come from can follow their dreams. My dream is to see a film of my book.”

You could say he is making a stand. But it’s a dream that needs support. It’s a dream which has a whole new set of adversities. Christopher needs funding and all kinds of help for his project. It’s a project which would make a difference in society, giving people the hope they need to change their lives for the better. Helping others to fulfill their own dreams. And it’s a dream which could snowball into something amazing.

Anyone who can help Christopher in any way to make Breaking Free, please contact him at

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