Show ’em your cross

There is a very simple reason that the Government are saying that Christians have no right to wear a cross in some workplaces. David Cameron and all politicians are vampires.

It is, at his stage, just a theory. But it would explain a lot. For a start it would explain the cold indifference that the Government are showing to the poor and to the disabled. As Count Dracula oppressed all those around him in Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, so too the modern day political vampires.

They are sucking the life out of the soul of the country. So it is only natural, being one of the damned, that Mr Cameron and his kind would oppress the people below his high and lofty castle also known as The House of Commons.

The Count was always a plausible figure in Stoker’s novel. He seemed charming, hypnotic, charismatic even. He was rich and he had his servants.

It just seems strange to me that the Government should find the cross offensive. And with the rise in vampire-based stories (in which the vampire character is subverted to the good guy), is it any wonder that Cameron and his kind have secretly sold their souls to evil?

Of course there is only one practical solution. I don’t advocate stakes through the heart and beheading because these are violent methods. You cannot fight evil with evil.

There is only one solution – the House of Commons should be adorned with garlic to prevent the comings and goings of the hoard. Then someone must splash holy water over the head vampire. Then, if all else fails, those who feel that it is a right to their freedom of expression to wear a cross at work should be supported and encouraged.

That the vampires are bugged by this free expression will perhaps keep their fangs away from the innocent.


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