The Princess Who Wanted Snow

If you’re looking for a present to give to a child (aged 6+) this Christmas then this collection of stories would make a wonderful stocking filler at £6.99.

My first short story has been published in the book ‘An Advent Calendar of Stories’ by Bridge House Publishing. The story is called ‘The Princess Who Wanted Snow’ and it’s about a fiesty princess who has been trapped in a castle by a selfish prince. It’s a magical story from the point of view of one of the castle cats (named ‘Aly’). The princess tells the prince that the only way she will marry him is if he makes it snow. The problem is that it never snows.

It was inspired by a tiny cat I saw when I visited an old castle whilst on holiday in Portugal and the first draft was written on that holiday.

There’s a story in this book for every day of Advent, stories about angels, animals and dragons.

You can order the book and find out more at:

The hero of the story: ‘Aly’
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