10 Things

I thought I might publicly state 10 things I love about Jesus.

1. He became a human being. No other God is worth worshipping. Apart maybe for Mithras, who I was told also incarnated. But Mithras is a myth. If Jesus isn’t God, he should be.

2. He completely demolished his enemies in debate. The political and religious leaders were totally trounced. Sometimes I wonder if King Herod took on fox characteristics after Jesus called him a ‘fox’. Maybe the Pharisees began to hiss their ‘s’s after Jesus called them snakes.

3. He is highly imaginative.

4. Admittedly he needed to appear serious in his life on earth or no-one would have taken him seriously. But being as he created all types of humour and appeared to be serious… how cool is that of him?

5. He created some amazing things. Like octopuses (there may be a few other things).

6. In a dark, gritty, loveless world, he introduced love, miracles and magic.

7. His gentle side. He healed anyone who came to him and treated animals and children with thoughtful kindness.

8. He was a storyteller. Admittedly his parables were a bit on the brief side. But why be critical of this? His parables were short but they were incredibly deep. ‘Bread’ is symbolic of all material things, for example. ‘Man cannot live by bread alone’. How about the parable of the tenants in the vineyard – dynamite! A parable with a purpose.

9. His love.

10. His freedom-loving heart and that he was no fan of false-peace.

I think it needs saying now and then.

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