The Owl Flies at Night



This is a short story which I published in 2014 as a standalone ebook. It has been misunderstood more than once. It is a modern ghost story with elements of satire.

The Owl Flies At Night


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The Owl Flies at Night: Mounting your magic carpet

A how-to OBE guide

by Dr Eric Swell

You were meant to buy this book. Take a look behind you right now, can you not almost see your spirit guide nodding in approval as you read these very words? Can you not almost feel his warm, tender hands caressing you? Welcome to my world.

I shall go into the precise methods of astral projection in the next chapter, but for now dear reader, rest assured that you have made the first step towards astral proficiency in purchasing this book. The Universe wanted you to buy this book. It was your destiny.

Having an out of body experience (referred to henceforth as an OBE), is a little like riding a magic carpet. When you first discover your gift, you may be surprised. Carpets don’t fly after all (at least – not unless you enter an alternate reality). You are going to fall off sometimes. And at first, learning how to get this carpet to soar can seem tantamount to scaling Everest! You may ponder whether you will ever succeed in finding the magic to get your carpet airborne. Yet succeed you inevitably will with this book as your guide, instruction manual and astral map.

When an explorer first realizes that he (or she!) has the gift of astral projection he may feel somewhat out of his depth. I intend to help and instruct the reader into the mechanics of having OBE’s. I myself, yes I, have been having them almost continually for over 30 years and I have networked with many other eminent astral ‘carpet-flyers’. Together we have discovered the magic words which will take us into the very heart of the Universe.


Chapter 1: Common methods of astral projection

I will begin by outlining the usual ways in which an OBE may be induced. I will go into more detail in later chapters, but for now I will briefly summarise the main ways of ‘mounting your carpet’ to begin your exploration.

  1. Meditation. The reader may, through concentration and meditative exercises, be presented with a clear image of being out of his body during meditative exercises. The reader may be able to use visualization techniques to vault into an out and out astral projection. Usually great discipline and proficiency are required before this method can be employed successfully. It is the method of seasoned astral carpet explorers. I favour this method, myself.
  1. Drugs. Certain drugs are well known and well documented to have the capacity to open up the mind to new perceptions of reality (further reading. Burrows (see appendix)). They open up the mind to alternative realities and act as a kind of magic dust with which to sprinkle a carpet. LSD and magic mushrooms are well known to be a catalyst for astral projection and numerous studies have revealed the success of this method. However, as a reservation, I must add that many accounts of OBE’s gained through the use of drugs are limited to the lower astral planes. Your carpet will not fly as high as it could do. When you soar through the sky on your carpet you will find the experience far more fulfilling if you keep your experience as natural as possible. Yes, drugs can be a kind of magic dust, but my advice, especially for beginners, is to steer clear of them until you have mastered the basic art of astral travel. Only then will you be able to use the magic dust with skill and expertise.
  1. A near death experience (NDE). Many astral explorers encounter their first OBE following a traumatic event. Numerous people have told stories of leaving their bodies in intensive care rooms. They have subsequently been able to describe the precise details of the room from a perspective directly above their body (much to the astonishment of the dogmatic scientific fraternity). Certain aspects of their experiences are common and have been well documented in the past. The ‘tunnel’ with a light at the end of it is a common component of such stories and it is part of the astral realm leading to the highest astral plane. Looking down at the body from a position above is a classic OBE experience. Similarly, the life review and the experience of a being of light is all part of astral discovery. Most importantly, those who have learned to soar on their carpet through this method have often lost all fear of death. Can you imagine this dear reader? Can you? Can you?
  1. Lucid dreaming. Take note fellow explorer! Indeed feel free to write this information down in your personal reflective time. This is by far the most common platform from which an OBE may be experienced. The reader may have vivid flying dreams. Lucid dreaming is a state in which the dreamer becomes aware that he (or she!) is asleep. Dreams of this nature are always much more vivid and colourful than ordinary dreaming. They can often be a precursor to a full-blown OBE. For the beginner, I would suggest this method as a way to induce your OBE. This shall be your platform from which to launch for now.


Chapter 2: Malicious entities and the lower planes

There are very few accounts of negative experiences while having an OBE. Occasionally there are reports of ‘demons’ and places soaked in negative emotions. But take note! The ‘demons’ don’t exist! There are only benevolent genies, intent only on the betterment of their masters (and mistresses!). And you shall be their master. For there are no demons. There are only spirit guides and the value judgements of the Judeo-Christian culture from which we dwell are not necessarily so.

Negative experiences are similar to the ‘bad trips’ LSD users will sometimes relate. As the astral plane is a place of goodness and light, I can only suggest that these malicious entities are other astral travellers who are acting like airborne bullies. Such un-enlightened behaviour will stunt the growth of any astral voyager and can be likened to someone riding an illegitimate carpet! Threadbare in the extreme. There are rules to the astral plane just as there are rules in the physical realm and the expression ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ holds true in both. Usually though, it is fear which is the primary enemy to the astral experience. Fear and ignorance and the mocking folly of the masses! Let me re-assure you that the astral plane is populated by persons who are interested in your growth and well being. There are no demons! There are no monsters! There are only genies and spirit guides and a magical astral plane with places you have never dreamed possible! Ignorance produces fear and it is this fear which is a barrier to our growth. It is a fear, which has been indoctrinated, for many, from a young age through dogmatic religious instruction. There is only a heaven in the afterlife. They have misled us all! Keep calm dear reader, comfort, comfort, comfort to you! The astral plane is a magical place. Through each stage we must learn lessons, and as we do so, we progress from the lower levels, from places of suffering and negativity to higher levels. In the Bible, St Paul wrote of a third heaven. The astral plane is part of that scenario. It was this that the scriptures refer to.


Chapter 3: Inducing an OBE – Getting your carpet into the air

No serious carpeteer will ride his carpet in dangerous conditions or without taking the right precautions. When you make your first tentative astral trips I would advise very dim lighting in your room, silence and solitude. Night-time is the best time for a voyage. Remember dear reader, the owl flies at night… and so does the magic carpet rider! Destiny dear reader, remember this is all destiny – we have got this far and we shall go much further, Universe willing!

Wear clothing, which you feel comfortable in and lie down on your bed. Never lie on your front, as this will retard your OBE. Never eat meat before an OBE. And make sure you have had no caffeine or alcohol for five hours. Remember fear is the primary enemy of the astral traveller. One well-established technique is to place a crystal beneath your pillow before you sleep. Any of the crystals below will help you to have an OBE.

Quartz… a rock crystal that is reported to boost extra sensory perception. Believe it reader. Believe!

Amethyst… a violet crystal which can clear the state of your aura. This crystal can focus and clarify the mind. Something which I think you will admit, we all need at times…

Moonstone… this stone can induce a lucid dream state and also has the power to unmask any pernicious astral entities Remember these are only the unenlightened. There are no demons. There are only genies.

Malachite… a dark green stone that has the power to prevent fear on the astral plane (most important!).

Very few people have regular lucid dreams. Similarly you can consider yourself part of an ‘elite’ club because you are able to have OBEs (you are one of the very, very, very special astral carpeteers). Most people are pedestrians, earthbound, unenlightened to their spiritual side and even the existence of the astral plane. One day this will not be the case, but you can safely consider yourself to be one of the more evolved among a largely regressed population. It is a special club – it is the realm of the enlightened. Enlightenment is a separate issue, which I will go into in the later chapters of this book, but for now it is your spiritual journey, which is important. The average person only has one or two lucid dreams in a lifetime. Fools! The lucid dream state has been scientifically analysed as different from ordinary REM sleeping (further reading Jenkins (see appendix)).

Subjectively you know you are having a lucid dream when you realize that you are dreaming. You may even announce to the characters within your dream that “This is a dream”. Do not be surprised if these characters fail to react as you would like to this news. The prats! To induce a lucid dream simply follow the following techniques:

  1. Prepare yourself by making yourself as comfortable as possible. Make sure you are alone and that the lighting is dim. Lie on your back and breathe deeply until you are suitably relaxed.
  2. Repeat this mantra 10 times: “When I dream tonight I shall realise that I am dreaming and have a lucid dream. From here I shall fly my carpet like Dr Swell says.”
  3. Sleep as normal.
  4. When you dream you will likely realize that you are asleep. This is the danger point. You may fall off your carpet and simply awake. To vault into a full-blown OBE you must start to fly. So picture yourself soaring high above your dream scenario.
  5. At this point, focus your mind on finding your sleeping physical body. You may experience some strange sensations but do not be afraid, this is normal. There is a silver cord which attaches between the astral body and the physical body. This cord will never break. This cord is the thread of the carpet which will never unravel. The magic carpet!
  6. The next step, once you have successfully directed your dream self back to your physical body is to separate from this body into your astral being. Return momentarily to your physical body. Now imagine yourself rising, floating, and levitating above your motionless, physical body. You have now successfully got your carpet moving and a proper OBE can begin. Universe bless you!

Note: At any time during this process you may experience a false awakening. This is where you think that you wake up in your room from your dream but you are in fact still asleep. Some people report that such awakenings can take on a nightmarish quality. Remember though, fear is the enemy (and remember there are no demons). False awakenings can be a catalyst to an OBE. Simply follow the above technique from step 5.


Chapter 4: Spirit guides (the genies of the lamp)

Since time immemorial man (and woman!) has sensed in the core of his being an eternal truth: The truth that ‘we are not alone’. Thousands of years ago shamans spoke with the spirits of their ancestors using special rituals. Every civilisation and culture has had an inkling that there is more to this world than merely what we can see and feel. Do you have that inkling dear reader? Do you? Do you?

Some call them angels. Others call them astral entities, ascended masters or spirit guides. They are persons who have ascended to higher astral planes but have chosen to remain behind to help other souls who are seeking ascension themselves. This is self-actualisation to the nth degree. They seek our good and will teach us what we must do both on the astral plane and on the earthly one. Perhaps they will guide us to meet a certain person. It is likely that they guided you to buy this book. How many couples have met their soul-mates through a string of ‘accidents’? Accidents, my bottom! The Universe is rarely so careless (as has been said by men better than I). So many seemingly accidental meetings have been orchestrated by genies. Every person has their own personal angel, genie or spirit guide from birth. By training yourself to tune in to yours, you will find purpose, direction and assistance in life.

On the astral plane your spirit guide will be visible. They may take almost any form. One of my friends has a spirit guide in the form of an Ethiopian princess. I will now share with you how I first met my own spirit guide, a warrior named ‘Narcissus’.

During my first astral journeys I was, as you are now, a beginner. I was a novice, a naïve, untutored, newbie. I discovered my own gift at the age of 16 when I was on holiday with a group of friends. I shall now tell you the story.

We had gone camping and I was sleeping alone in my tent. Quite unexpectedly I found that I was having an OBE as I slept. It was different from my usual dreams. Before I knew it I found myself outside the tent in the night sky looking down at two tents belonging to myself and my friends. At the time I was confused and wondered what was happening to me… had I died? It was at that moment that my spirit guide appeared to me. I had rubbed the magic lamp in my tent (as it were) and my genie had appeared to do my bidding. Subsequently I have discovered that most astral carpeteers will not meet their guides until later in their progression (indeed I know of some who have never met their guide). But I sensed his presence before I saw him. It was comforting, I wasn’t scared. I felt as if I was with one of my closest and most intimate friends. Immediately I realized that this person had been with me all my life and would hold the key to my destiny. I turned and for the first time saw Narcissus hovering next to me in the air. Narcissus’ first words to me were: “Dr Eric Swell, you shall be a great astral traveller. Do you not know I am your spirit guide? Do not be afraid. Now your journey can really begin – go through this open door….”

That night Narcissus became my mentor and my servant. During the OBE he told me the story of how had been with me all my life…

“You are not the first I have been a guardian to,” he said, “There have been many throughout the years. One man became famous and fearless – his name was Alexander. Was I not with him when he was a child? I watched over him. But he wouldn’t turn away from violence. He became great and famous and yet he didn’t progress because he wouldn’t turn aside form negativity. Alexander even used to speak to me – and he told me this story…

‘Narcissus my friend, I have had a dream in which I am to be a great man and am to conquer and subdue. I shall be remembered after my death by millions and my deeds shall be famous. In that way I shall live forever. Now I shall tell you the story of this dream… ‘

But Eric, let me tell you, that one dream wrecked his life. Even though, to all observers it seemed to be true. Even though he seemed to be on fire, he failed to fulfil his destiny. He lived a life of materialism and when the Akashic records were opened to him he refused to read. He was a plaything of forces greater than he knew.”

Narcissus would tell me many such stories and we became firm friends. I will tell you all about the Akashic records in Chapter Ten. I only had to think about Narcissus and he was there. I saw him in my mind’s eye during the day and at night I saw him with my spiritual eyelet (‘which is the bliss of solitude’).

From there I have had countless adventures and have learned much from Narcissus. I know that he is here with me even as I write these words. Even now he is nodding with a happy benevolence. Even now his hand reaches down and caresses my neck as only a true friend can do.

I cannot say precisely how you may meet your own guide or genie. As I say, my own revealed himself to me at the beginning. So I say to you what I say to all those who ask me about this subject… when the time is right your genie will reveal himself (or herself!) to you dear reader. Oh, how the Universe is aflame with love for you!


Chapter 5: Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

The near death experience has been documented for thousands of years. The artist Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) painted a picture called Ascent into the Empyrean, which portrays souls being helped through a dark tunnel by angels towards a bright light. Other artists such as William Blake have shown the experience and many Jewish and Christian writings refer to NDE’s. Today there have been many testimonies of people who have experienced NDE’s and have returned to tell the tale, as it were. Psychiatrist Dr Raymond Moody came up with the expression after he published his studies on the phenomenon in his book Life after Life in 1975. He interviewed over 150 patients over 11 years. Many of his patients were able to describe how they had floated above their body, as with an ordinary OBE and had seen a dark tunnel with a white light at the end. Others have referred to seeing dead relatives in the light who have already passed into the spirit.

I contend that anyone who has had an NDE is almost always benefited by the experience. Not only have they had a glimpse of the astral plane, but many of them also lose their fear of death! Imagine living a life without this fear, how wonderful it would be! Imagine also, that many of the people who you told your story to, simply would not believe you and thought you were making it up. Oh, what ignorance we live in at this time. Such information could cause a paradigm shift and herald in a new age for this world if only it was taken seriously. How amazing and how profoundly tragic for mankind. Not so for you dear reader, as I am sure you are beginning to discover… even now I feel the fingers of Narcissus around my hand, even now he is entering me, filling me with his burning love!”

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One out of five stars

The flying made me feel sick

by Perpetua Thorogood

I don’t know what to make of this mealy tome. ‘Dr’ Eric Swell continually goes off the subject and talks about how NDE’s are questioned by scientists on neurological grounds and how scientists are wrong because some people had been able to describe objects in hospitals, which they could never have seen unless they had been floating above their bodies. Eric Swell then goes into a long rant about how the reality of astral projection is often challenged by scientists and religious people, who he says are ignorant of these things and should know better. He continues to assure readers that there were no demons, only genies – it is as if he wants to persuade himself rather than anyone else. And the whole ‘magic carpet’ metaphor is lame.

After going into the specific mechanics of having an OBE and ‘flying his astral carpet’, the author begins to allow his ‘genie’ to write the final chapters through automatic writing. The spirit guide, tells readers that they have been horribly misled by dogma and indoctrination. The spirit guide goes on to assure everyone that they too have a personal genie who only has their very best interests at heart and who is hovering behind them as they read. The ‘genie’ talks about the intense love he has for Eric Swell and how he believes that the author is on fire as a writer and that they will be together on the very highest astral plane very soon. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned. At this point it is hard to tell who is acting as the author because the writer suggests that all readers enroll on his online course and buy annual membership to a club called ‘Dr Swell’s astral carpeteers’ (for £50 a year).

On his author website is a picture of a slightly overweight man with glasses, a greying moustache and a sparkling, perfect white grin. I can only speculate on what his doctorate was gained in. Avoid.

Five out of five stars

Flying now with the angels

by Marcus Swell

It seems the last reviewer was unaware of the author’s unfortunate death recently. For any other would-be critic, who doubts the sincerity of Eric Swell, I can only imagine you have been reading the hurtful coverage in the Fortean Times and similar publications. Spontaneous combustion is no laughing matter and is a great affliction to those who loved the person who has died. I am thinking of starting a support group for those so affected.

Eric was a personal blessing to me and seeing his charred foot and ankle next to a pile of ashes on his living room carpet was like a sword piercing my heart. For those moralistic mockers who will judge the author for the manner of his demise, I suggest you think again and remember that the ways of the Universe can be mysterious and are not to be interpreted by such as you. The world is full of wonders, but sadly it is also full of closed-minded people who will only mock and jeer at the mysteries it contains. They laugh at everything they do not understand. You will be sadly missed, DR Eric Swell.

Two out of five stars

Burn this book in a pyre

by Anonymous

Do we not all lose our toys in the end?